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My research activity started from the National Cancer Center in Aviano in the January 2009.


At the moment I’m a coworker of Zanetti lab in USCD thanks to a collaborative study that wants to find a new therapeutical approach for target myeloma cancer cells.


Since 2012 I’m working on Sickle Cells Disease to study the effect of a specific part of complement in this pathology and I am a patent holder in this project.
Since 2016 I’m a support editor for Theranostic of cancer research Magazine.
During my PhD course I studied sarcoma and melanoma metastatic process using a dynamic system mimicking the blood rheological conditions. In particular I focused my attention on cell-native extracellular matrix interactions in order to analyzed how the matrix mecchano-proprieties and composition can affect the invasiveness.   
During the Master course I worked on cell differentiation in hematopoietic system in order to investigate the role of blood in tumor cell dissemination and cancer therapy.



My research activity started from the National Cancer Center in Aviano in the January 2009.


February 2016: Master’s degree in Hematopoietic Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine at the University of Parma (110/110L). 


September 2015-2016: Teacher for Empab Project “Biologists in schools”


April 2014: PhD Degree March 2011: Certificate of Human Nutrition by ABNI 


October 2011: qualification to the PhD course in biomedical science to University of Udine


July 2009: qualification to the profession of Biologist


2006 -2008: Specialist degree in molecular biology achieved at Parma University on November 21 st (110/110).


My thesis was based on the mutagenesis site, a phospholipasis protein with self degradation power in order to inhibit its activity of degradation of the fats and the auto-processing and study of the region target of the auto- digestion through limited proteolysis.


2005-2006: Degree of first level in cellular and molecular biology at the Trieste university with the score of 101/110. while working there, I prepared and worked on my thesis and in collaboration with the Arpa FVG center in Trieste and the "saint Maria of the Angels" hospital in Pordenone. the objective of the thesis was to study the distribution of the principal pollens in the territory in order to study a possible specific therapy which would be focused on the patient’s demands


2001 -2002: Diploma of classical maturity at the Pordenone high school Classical G. Leopardi of Pordenone with the score of 90/100




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